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logoaaWe are ready to help you solve any problem related with maine coon cats. It includes: buying, housing, growing, nursing etc. Lordcoon maine coon cattery provides you possibility to acquire kittens with champion genes.

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Amazing FIFE show weekend Klaipeda'2015 in Klaipeda' 2015 10 03/04,...



Amazing FIFE show weekend Siauliai'2015 in Siauliai 2015 03 28/29,...

Zalgirio Arena'2014 in Kaunas …

Zalgirio Arena'2014 in Kaunas 2014 10 4/5

Amazing FIFE show weekend Zalgirio Arena'2014 in Kaunas 2014 10...

International cat show ADAZI'2…

International cat show ADAZI'2014 in Latvia

2014 09 27/28 wonderful weekend and wonderful international cat show(FIFe)...



On March 1st, 2014 was Lithuanian TOP CAT‘2013 and The Best...

In Kaunas were two internation…

In Kaunas were two international cats exhibitions KAUNAS'2013 and MEGA'2013.11.27

2013 10 5/6 and 2013 11 23/24 in Kaunas were...



Last decade Maine coon cat breeders all over the world...



2013 06 8/9 INTERNATIONAL CAT SHOW SAULKRASTI‘2013 Over 230 different cat breeds participated...



On Saturday, 23 February, 2013 was "Lihuania TOP CAT‘2012" exhibition....

International Cats Exhibition …

International Cats Exhibition VILNIUS'2012.

2012 10 6/7 in Vilnius was INTERNATIONAL CAT SHOW VILNIUS'2012....

Best Lithuanian Cattery 2011

Best Lithuanian Cattery 2011

   2011.02.06 in Lithuania was exhibition TOP CAT‘2011 and Best Lithuania...

International cats exhibition …

International cats exhibition Sopot‘2012

2012. 08. 4 / 5 in Poland was international cats...

International cats exhibition …

International cats exhibition Klaipėda 2012

  2012 03 17/18 In Klaipėda was international cats exhibition “Klaipėda2012”Over...

International Cat Show Minskas…

International Cat Show Minskas'2012.

International Cat Show Minskas'2012.18-19 February 2012 Belarus...

Maine Coon - Maine Coon cattery homepage

Our Maine coon cattery is registered at association of felinologist in Lithuania – “Bubaste”. “Bubaste” is a part of international association of felinologist – “FIFe”. There are two main federations around – WCF andFIFe. FIFe is the most popular and leading (according to the number of cats and popularity between the judges) international cat federation in Europe. FIFe has very strong rules and high competition level between all the cat breeders, that’s why every title the cat gets, is very valuable and reflects real level of the cat and well as evaluation by the type of a cat.

Our Mainecoon cattery  Lordcoon*LT formal evaluation of the work (evaluation by FIFE)  2011-2013 year and our most famous cats - graduates. According to the Lithuanian TOP CAT and Best Lithuanian Cattery competitive score calculation and summary of results, our cattery, between Lithuanian different breeds of cat catteries (in Lithuania registered over 340 catteries by FIFe) took: 2011-3 place, 2012-1 place, 2013-2 place galerija en

Maine Coon cattery Lordcoon*LT the most famous graduates

Cat SC Lordcoon*LT Don Ceron, JW’2011

Katinas GIC Lordcoon *LT Don Ceron, JW’2011
galerija en
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This wonderful male cat SC Lordcoon*LT Don Ceron, JW’2011 was born in our cattery (D litter). The date of birth 2011 06 01, JWJUNIOR WINNER, SC – SUPRIM CHAMPION – SUPER CHAMPION (CHAMPION OF THE EUROPE).
GIC Lordcoon*LT Don Ceron, JW’2011 lives in Belarus, with Oksana and Vladimiru. I would like to thanks that they are very careful and actively participate in international exhibitions with our cattery male cat.
DON CERON BALTARUSIJA2012  1 Male cat SC Don Ceron, JW’2011 participated in various exhibitions proved that he are the best male maine coon in Europe by his type, size, temperament, appearance and other features. These features are really important in Maine Coon breeding programs.

In the exhibitions SC Lordcoon*LT Don Ceron, JW’2011 got following awards:
7 x BIV, 20 x Nom Bis, 15 x Best in Show, 3 x Best in Category, 1x BOBIII, 3x BOBII, 2x BOBI

In summary, the cat SC LT*LORDCOON DON CERON’JW was nominated as the best male cat in Belarus contest TOP CAT BELARUSJ’2012 and BEST CAT BELARUSJ’2013. It’s an amazing result. 

Male Cat SC Lordcoon*LT Benito Blink

Katinas SC Lordcoon*LT Benito Blinkshow btngalerija en


Male cat SC Lordcoon LT Benito Blink was born in our cattery (B litter, 2010 07 29). Now he’s living in Latvia capital Riga. I would like to say thanks for Andzela. She is very attentive and loves our cattery cat. Thanks for participating in various exhibitions too.
This male cat is in a top of this career, because he is a SUPRIM CHAMPION
In 2012 male cat SC Lordcoon LT Benito Blink got one of the most prestigious awards – CAT OF THE YEAR RYGA 2012.
Altogether male cat SC Lordcoon LT Benito Blink in various exhibitions got these awards:

18 x BIV, 9 x Bis Nom, 3 x Best in Show, 1 x Best in Category. It’s amazing result.

NW2012  BENITO.jpg In summary, the cat NW’12 SCLordcoon*LT Benito Blink was nominated as the best male cat in Latvia contest TOP CAT LATVIA’2012. He got prestigious title - NATIONAL WINNER LATVIA’2012. Also he was nominated as the best cat Best cat in 2 category.

More info you can found in category “Our graduates”.


gypsy 1Female cat NW’13 GIP LT*LORD COON GYPSY WHITE born in our cattery (G breed) date of birth 2012 02 10. Now she living in Latvia. I would like to say thank you Andzela for your love, percet care and active participation in various cats "Shows" with this amazing beauty white mine coon breed princes.

Altogether female cat NW'13 GIP LORDCOON*LT GYPSY WHITE in various cats shows won: 11x Nom Bis, 9x Best in Show! Summarizing the competition TOP CAT results cat LATVIA'2013 NW'13 GIP LORDCOON*LT GYPSY WHITE recognized as the best Latvian cat and got the most prestigious title of NATIONAL WINNER LATVIA'2013! Also in competition's BALTIC TOP CAT'2013 by results (in this competition participate cats for Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian cats of all breeds) took 1st place. galerija en show btn

Male GIC NW'13 Cat Lordcoon* LT Grant Black Smoke

Katinas Lordcoon* LT Grant Black Smoke

I would like to present one more of our male cat, who was born in our cattery too – NW'13 GIC Lordcoon*LT Grant Black Smoke (Date of birth 012 02 10). This wonderful cat stays in our cattery.  He has amazing size tail (in international exhibition MEGA‘2012, 6 – 10 moths cats, he took the firs place. Long of the tail -  47 cm.). NW'13 GIC Lordcoon*LT Grant Black Smoke is graceful and temperamental, he looks like a black panther. He is very friendly and likes to communicate with new peoples.

Altogether male cat NW'13 GIC Lordcoon* LT Grant Black Smoke in various international shows won:2 x BIV, 8 x Bis Nom, 2 x Best in Show.

In summary NW'13 GIC Lordcon* LT Grant Black Smoke in competitions TOP CAT LIETUVA‘2013 got the second place (among all breeds adult cats). And among his maine coon breed adualt cats got the first place for 2013 years. And he got the most prestigious award NATIONAL WINNER LIETUVA’2013! SUPER result!

The most famous cats who lives in our cattery

Female cat IC Alwaro Blink Arrow

Katė ICh Alwaro Blink Arrow

IC Alwaro Blink Arrow – all best parent features are in this cat. Both parents are the champions of the world. She looks amazing: extremely type head, long body and tail. Also she has fine character features: lovely, attachment to people, pride, and grace.
This cat is one the most famous our cattery female cats – mom of our graduates. All best features she gives for her kittens. 2011 female cat IC Alwaro Blink Arrow participated in international cats exhibition POZNAN‘2011 and was one of the best between turtle color Maine Coon, she was the second. It is really high result, because participated just the best cats from all the world.
Now IC Alwaro Blink Arrow has: 4x BIV, 4x nom BIS, 2x Best in Show.

Thanks for this wonderful kitten, Katazina.

Male cat GIC Arctic Bosque Bestia*LV

Katinas GIC Arctic Bosque Bestia*LV

GIC Arctic Bosque Bestia*LV – this male cat is rarely white color and has extrem type, good breed documents (both parent are the champions of the world. Father is a champion of Europe (SUPRIM CHAMPION). GIC Arctic Bosque Bestia*LV is amazing male cat with very good breeding features. He gives wonderful temperament and appearance for his kittens.
In 2011 GIC Arctic Bosque Bestia*LV participated in international cats exhibition POZNAN‘2011 and took the first place from all white color Maine Coons. Now GIC Arctic Bosque Bestia*LV has 7x nom BIS.

Thanks Sergejui ir Larisa for this wonderful cat.

Male cat IC Gacho Chrystal Of Baltcoon


This is the first Maine Coon cat  who arrived to our cattery Lordcoon*LT IC Gacho Chrystal Of Baltcoon is a really big cat, weight – 10 kg, has big feet and tail. This cat look like standard Maine Coon. Wild nature, intellect and friendliness and the main Gacho character features.

Thanks Ausrai for an amazing cat!


Male cat Memerico Arkiza*PL

 Katinas Memerico Arkiza*PLMemerico Arkiza*PL arrived to our cattery in 2012 years. He has unique breed tree from this father. Memerico father is one best cats in FIFe federation, because he has many award from Italia cattery “SURYA MAINE COON”. The best Maine Con was born in this cattery, he won exhibitions - WW‘ 2008,2010,2011,2012. Memerico Arkiza*PL grandma Felixcoon Odissea is the champion of the world WW‘2008, the sister of this father Surya Maine Coon Bonita is the champion of the WW‘2010,  his grandfather become the champion of world 3x, (2010,2011,2012m) - WW‘2010 ‘20112012“Surya Maine Coon” Pablo EscobarJW.

Thanks Monika for this wonderful and super noble cat.